Allrent innovates exhibition stand construction!

Allrent ICT Solutions responds to the need of mounting LED screens in the most efficient manner in small, system built stand construction.

System stands often are often small and compact resulting in a limited footprint which makes it difficult to efficiently place a LED screen in the stand. A screen on a floor stand takes about 1 m2. Exhibitors are always looking for the ideal setup with preservation of exhibition space.

Allrent ICT Solutions has developed the system-stand wall mount bracket. With this wall bracket our LED displays from 32″ to 70″ can be mounted between the two aluminium vertical supports on either side of a system panel.

LED displays from 32″ to 55″ can be mounted on a single aluminium vertical support. This enables screens to be hung up in a stand without having to drill holes for a wall bracket.

The system-stand wall bracket will be supplied on request with the ordered screens at no extra cost.

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