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The public, semi-public, healthcare and education sectors are being increasingly burdened with tasks. This demands efficient working methods and streamlined processes, and consequently an excellent IT infrastructure.

To respond to this need, Allrent not only rents out equipment but also provides advice on how you and your team can work more smartly and efficiently with the right tools in the right place. For example, if you need more capacity temporarily, we can set up your complete infrastructure: workplaces, network, servers, fixed and mobile internet, even sustainable office furniture. And when your project is completed, we come and collect everything. It means you’re not tied to anything.

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Did you know that we deliver everything turnkey on location

Work smarter and more efficiently.

Allrent always has the most modern premium-brand hardware to rent, so operational reliability and compatibility are guaranteed. You can hire from Allrent in the way that is most convenient and economical for you. If you want to rent for a longer period of time, hardware-as-a-service could be a good option. You pay a fixed amount per month, and we take care of the installation, management, maintenance and updates of your equipment. Upscaling or downscaling is arranged in no time. Allrent has a smart solution for every need, including yours.

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