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Video wall rent

A videowall takes up very little space and can reach a large audience. They are also suitable for situations where there is little black-out possibilities. It is also possible to places the screens on a table stand or mount on a stand wall.

Our displays and video walls can also be linked to the in our rental program included laptops. Should you hire a videowall and want to rent it in combination with a laptop then you can add these directly to your quote request.

Video wall rentals

Video wall screens make the view of computer or video images on a large surface area with a very high resolution possible. You can rent at Allrent videowall screens with Full HD capability. The videowall screens in our rental assortment are the professional Ultrathin Bezel designs and equipped with the latest Full HD technology and are suitable for professional presentations and AV video display purposes. Because of the flicker-free and very sharp image quality, brightness and wide viewing angle are our videowall screens extremely suitable for presentations for general public or visitors of fairs and/or seminars.

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